Training: How To Make Your First $1,000 Online In The Next 30 Days Or Less

After watching this training you’ll know how to get traffic to a high converting offer and start making sales that you can scale up.

Tool’s you will need:

  1. Click here to get your Autoresponder
  2. Click here to get your Landing Page Creator
  3. Click here to get your Tracking Program
  4. Click here to get Traffic
  5. Click here to get Offers on Clickbank
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That’s it. I’ve shown you everything you need to do to make your first grand online! Now it is up to you to take action!

Success loves speed!

Matt Insardi

Discover How Chris Made Over $2.7 Million Dollars in Profit In the Past 9 Months?

What is responsible for generating Chris over $2.7 Million Dollars in Profit Over the past 9 months?

Traffic. Tons of Paid Traffic.

Once you know how to convert traffic you can apply it across every aspect of affiliate marketing, CPA, Lead generation, Personal Branding and More.

Here are just a few tips to boost your conversions, sales and EPCS.

1. Always split test (headlines, colors, landing page layout etc..)

2. Use a presell page/lander. Micro-commitment goes a long way,
before you ask your prospect for a lot of information up front have your user engage by clicking through such as a “tap here to continue button”

3. Remember the majority of your traffic will be mobile (unless your
are filtering Desktop Only). Keep in mind how your website/landing page looks to users on mobile

4. Test multiple traffic sources, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Native Ad Networks. If you are new try mastering one traffic source at a time before scaling out.

If you want more tips and training, Chris put together the best PPC training I’ve seen online and you can check it out for yourself here:

=> Traffic Breakthrough Training

Check it out, this is a great resource if you are just starting out or looking to scale your business across different traffic sources. This works for Clickbank, CPA, Biz Opp, or any product you need more traffic for.

=> Traffic Breakthrough Training

To your success,

Matt Insardi

Work Less, Live More


Making money online is simple, yet so many people struggle. Why?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make more but can’t seem to crack the code?

Do you see success story after success story and ever wonder when is it your turn?

Well if you said heck yeah… then keep reading because I’m about to solve your problem and get you into profit faster than you ever thought possible.

At the end of the day you only need two things to build a profitable business online.

#1 A high converting offer


#2. Targeted Traffic

Yes that is it… of course you can always tweak things to get better conversions but let’s keep this simple. In most things in life simple always out performs confusing and complicated.


Find a high converting offer.

Then the fun begins!

You need to know how to get traffic to see your offer. And I’m not talking about running around pitching everyone on FB.

Once you learn this one skill it stays with you for life and you can use it to write your own paycheck.

Learn how to get swoons of traffic in a very short period of time. 

That’s it…

Now it’s your turn to take massive action and start getting results.

-To your success,



Video SEO Tips – How To Rank Any Keyword

Have you ever tried making a video and sat around just waiting for people to watch it and possible submit their email so you can build your list?

I have… and it stinks!

These video seo tips are going to be different than what you’re use to. If you want to rank your Youtube videos fast and dominate all the search engines then read this entire post. I’m going to keep it simple so even if your tech challenges you can do it too!

Ready to rank #1?

There’s two parts to video search engine optimization. On page and off page and I’ll dive into both.

Let me walk you though exactly what I do when I want to rank my Youtube video number one on Google.


My goal is to build my subscriber list. I want people to opt in and get access to the same system I use to make money online. So I think about what type of people I want to work with and who do I want on my list?

Who is my target market and what would they be searching for on Google and Youtube?

Here’s an example.  A lot of people in my niche use solo ads.


I would go over to Google Keyword Planner and use this free tool to find the best keyword to target. Type in “solo ads” and see what comes up. When you’re first starting out target keywords with a search volume of 200-5000. Any more than that will have massive competition. Use long tail keywords. The longer the keyword the easier it is to rank.

You can see below out of 17 Million sites I ranked this video #1 using the tips you’ll see below (in fact for this particular one I did no backlinks)



Cool, now you have your keyword, let me show you what to do with it.

  1. Shoot a short video around 3-5 minutes and use that keyword in the first 10 seconds.  Youtube knows what you’re talking about so be nice and help them out.
  2. Use the keyword at the beginning of the title and then add some sexy description after it. Make me want to click your video and check it out
  3. Write a short description 200-500 words and use your keyword and similar keywords through out your description. Pretty simple.
  4. At the very bottom of your video take the link to your video from the url bar at the top. Copy and paste it at the very bottom of the description… (it just works)


That’s it for on page seo for videos. Now you just have to start taking massive action.  It can take up to 30-60 days for more competitive keywords so don’t expect instant gratification. Take action and make a goal. Mine is one video a day.

Some rank some don’t so what next please!

Quick Tip: If you’re trying to build your list. The first this in the description needs to be your link to your landing page!  And through out your video give strong calls to action to click the link in the description and enter your email and tell them what they will get for it.


When you target long tail keywords and do a solid job of on page video seo most of the time you won’t need to do much if any off page seo. But when you’re going for more competitive keywords you’ll need a boost. All off page seo means is what other sites and signals point back to your video.  It’s like a popularity contest. The more people that say your cool the higher you will rank. So lets make you cool!

  1. Social signals like video likes, video views (high retention), favorites, and comments are very important and tell the search engines that your video is worth watching. So make sure you share your video with all of your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… etc
  2. Backlinks are also very important. You can do this yourself by using social bookmarks sites like Digg, Stumbledupon or if you want I prefer to out source this. I use Fiverr. Go to online marketing tab and look under “bookmarking and links”  Search for thinks like Link Pyramid or Bookmarking. These gigs are only $5 and can save you a ton of time. Want to learn more about backlinks this will help.
  3. Embed the video on your blog. Embeds are a very strong indicator to Google that your video is worth while. I use my Kalatu blog because the domain link is PR4. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll keep it simple and it means its a popular site! The higher the PR rank the better the link juice.

That’s it!  Take action and you’ll see results!

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Power Behind High Ticket Sales

Looking to make more money in your business online or offline?

The key to making life changing income is having high ticket backend products to sell to your audience.

Watch this short video and see the power for yourself…

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Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to talk with thousands of people who are trying to start an online business.

And almost every single one of them get started online for the same reason…

Having Freedom!

The ability to work from anywhere in the world any time them want.

They want a better lifestyle for themselves and there families. Heck you only live once… Might as well make it the best life possible!

Using this blueprint I’m about to share with you has changed my life and the lives of thousands of others who take action and follow these simple steps.

Creating freedom comes down to ONE SKILL…

The ability to build a highly responsive audience and understanding how to properly monetize that audience.

If you are still reading this then I know you are looking for freedom in your life and following these steps will put you on the right path!

So where do you start?

Here’s the good news…

I want to invite you to a free online training session that will show you my entire business blueprint step by step and I’m not going to hold anything back.

I’ll share how to start building a list from scratch and actually make money doing it.

The best part about this entire process is it can be done with very little over head and expenses…

…plus you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get started.

I’m going to share with you a technique that is the POLAR OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing in the market.

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You’ll see the entire process from start to finish step by step.

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It’s Your Time

“Finally, Discover How To Escape The 9 To 5 Grind, Retire Early, And Live Your Life By Your Own Design, Even If You’ve Never Made A Dime Online Before…”

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  • Are you afraid that you are NEVER going to make a full time living online?
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Here’s How It Works…

First, you’ll send me an email to the address below…

Next we’ll talk via email where we’ll design you a game plan over the course of 14 – 30 days.

I want you to know this works even if you are brand new to trading and have never made a dime in the markets!

It’s 100% FREE For 1 Reason

I know for a fact that a lot of people we do this for will ask for further help implementing the plan we create for them.

If this happens, we’ll talk about my team working with you to develop a strategy to take advantage of the markets – we will literally do all the heavy lifting for you.

There is no ‘hidden offer’.

With that said…

Our Services Aren’t For Everyone

We only work with a small number of people each month on their trading strategy, so we pick the most serious people who we can really help.

You won’t receive any pressure to buy anything, as this is a 100% free Income Kickstart consultation that we will later sell for at least $497.

Odds are, you will probably just walk away with clarity and a physical work sheet with step-by-step instructions you can implement yourself to grow your trading business.

I am so certain you’ll love this free service.

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Matt Insardi

P.S. Here’s some pictures of why I do what I do. Trading allows me the freedom to spend more time with my wife and kids and most of the time we are at the pool or the beach : )


Here’s some proof this works…

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